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Victim Mentality

In my journey of life, I use to always think of myself as a victim and had difficulty trusting myself, God, and anyone else. As long as I am the victim I will have someone to blame, someone to hold accountable for what went on and what is going on in my life. I was very consistent with blaming the Devil for the choices I made when my consequences resulted in being negative. The Devil made me do it was my favorite alibi. Sure, something unpleasant happened! That was then, this is now. There is no need for me to remain a victim. If I am a victim I can take no share of the responsibility for who I am, what I do or how I feel. You see victims don't respond in choice; they react in fear. As long as I am in fear, I cannot trust. As long as I am a victim I can't see the lessons. In fact, I may not want to see the lesson. I want an explanation. I want the whys answered but no matter what anyone says, I will not believe it because I don't trust anyone. As a victim I can't admit my growth and that I'm growing in response to my experiences. Rather than choosing to see and celebrate my growth I choose hurt, anger, fear, indignation, and self-righteousness. Until today, have been singing a victim song so loud that I didn't realize there is a redemption song. Today I trust myself enough to sing my own praises about how far I have come, how much I have done, how much more I am willing to do, in spite of all I have experienced.

Submitted by Donald Moye

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