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This Winter

As I sit on our back patio, I notice the squirrels digging for acorns and other foods to store for the winter.

They just run around playing and gathering things to prepare for the cold. I guess we humans do the same thing. We change our closets from spring and summer clothing to fall and winter. Some put electric blankets on their beds. We get out our favorite blankets and clean them, as well as our winter jackets, gloves and hats to keep us warm. We clean our fireplaces out and turn our thermostats up to a comfortable temperature. We go out and stock up to make soups and other meals. If there is even a chance of heavy rain or snow, it seems everyone goes to the supermarket to buy things they don’t even need.

Let’s all try and remember that if we have any extra or can afford a little, that there are people all around us that don’t have the same luxuries that we have.

So please, if you can just look around you will find someone in need. It may just be something you already have. You may just give at your church or another organization.

Myself, I like to find special people at Christmas time to love and help in the ways that I can.

Just take a look around, God will show you what you can do this winter and season to help another person.

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