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Staying Optimistic

A few synonyms for optimistic include assured, cheerful, confident, encouraged, happy, hopeful, keeping the faith and positive. In the past six months or so I've found it very challenging and difficult to maintain this attitude. I speak this because I've been physically ill and I'm still overcoming two major surgeries.

I was first diagnosed with prostate cancer and the side effects from the radiation caused serious complications in my colon. Therefore, part of my colon was removed along with a small blockage in my small intestines. This left me wearing a colostomy bag which has been difficult learning how to live with. I now have blood clots in my leg that are very painful but overall, I remain optimistic.

Getting old is the goal but I've observed that the human body will experience illnesses regardless and sometimes it can be traumatizing, but I must remain optimistic no matter what. It has been and remains to be my faith and trust in God that I'm able to maintain strength and courage to stay optimistic.

Through the love and support that I have a lot of gratitude. I greatly appreciate it and for that I've been able to maintain my recovery and stay clean. Life is beautiful and it's about my perspective in how I see it! I can see the glass half full, or I can see it running over….I choose to see it optimistically and running over!

By Donald Moye

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