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My New Normal...

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

As I was reflecting on what this means to me and being challenged on how to face this next season of life, both personally and on the job, I started a mental checklist of the things I have learned during this time, some fun and light-hearted and some life changing.

I learned a lot more than I ever expected to learn about the little app we call Zoom. Grateful for the technology. Glad we could stay connected; however, it does not fill the entire space that is meant for human connection.

I learned beyond the shadow of a doubt, I am an emotional eater. My comfort foods do not include salad or healthy items.

I learned how important it is seeing the sun and getting outside really is to me and how lack of sun and exercise messes with my emotional well-being more than I thought.

I learned I am meant for human connection; I am energized by being with people and it is a must for me. It does not matter whether the connection is face to face, over the phone, zoom, or any other type of communication. I am not only energized by people, but I am needy for the acceptance of others.

I have learned I need to be selfish and only then can be selfless. I learned that I cannot be effective in my purpose, if I am not rested, engaged in my relationship with my higher power, relying on that instead of me, hydrated, eating well, having had some down time relaxing and enjoying my family and friends, and being filled up. Then I am ready for the giving process to begin.

I learned in the middle of chaos and so many unknowns, that there are still reasons to celebrate, some are milestones, like someone getting married or a child being born. I have a new perspective on celebrating even the smallest of moments, because I have slowed down enough to recognize and experience them.

I have learned that grieving is hard, but necessary, and there is no right or wrong way to walk through it, whether it be over a beloved dog that we had put down recently or a human companion lost, or watching a loved one go through a debilitating disease.

I have learned to be kinder. I watch TV and as I watch and try to understand and be there for those closest to me as they view chaos, disease, unfairness and unjustness in the world or traverse through the weight of unmet expectations and cruel words from others that cut so deep it leaves unseen scars on them as well as the children growing up. I pray more for the world.

I learned that God does answer prayer, but I also learned that He does not always answer it the way I want, hope, or believe He should, I learned that I need to live with eyes wide open to how He is going to do it, or I will probably miss it, if I am so laser focused on what I want to happen.

I know full well that I will continue to get a few bumps and bruises along the way, make some wrong choices and will have to ask for forgiveness more that I want to from my higher power as well as from those around me. Over the last several weeks I have prayed for strength, wisdom, and discernment to lead well.

My new normal is being grateful for my life and to all those in it every day!

My new normal is being very thankful every morning that I wake!

Written by Ava Gale

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