Sincerest Gratitude

Since becoming a Staff member of Paula Crane Life Enrichment Center I have gained a fresh perspective on Recovery and am truly grateful. My employment here has opened my outlook and understanding of Recovery to a new level. Though I know there are many pathways, working here has allowed me the exposure in order to share and more effectively serve those who may seek other ways to maintain long term Recovery.

My position here as a Peer Support Specialist not only allows me to support my peers in their recovery but it allows me to be open and creative in my approach to assist and equip the individuals that I serve with tools necessary for recovery. It is my effort to give to them what has been so freely and richly given to me. Yet, in my efforts I have gained even more of the same from working with such a great group of individuals and Staff.

The Staff at, what we call “The Crane” is the epitome of professionalism provision of whole health and well being of the individuals we serve. Even though “Crane” is the last name of the founder of My Brother and Sisters’ Keeper and the former CEO of Clayton Center, I personally find there is some irony to the word crane, as it relates to the Paula Crane and this Center.

The word crane is also an important piece of machinery used on construction sites. It is used to hoist heavy objects ropes or chains, and can be used to lift or move heavy objects. Considering the ropes and chains that bind us in active addiction, the Paula Crane Center staff works diligently with heartfelt motivation and effort to patiently assist with the heavy burdens (objects) carried by the individuals we serve. It is through these efforts that many find healing and sustain long term recovery.

It is with much gratitude and pleasure that I work with such a fine group of people.

Written by Yolanda James

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