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Learning Through Service

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Service is one way we learn how to function in the world again. Many of the skills we learn in service translate into our working lives but we may sometimes feel like outsiders or imposters in our jobs. However, in service we are full participants.

We don’t second-guess our primary purpose or our right to participate. In a fellowship where the ultimate authority is a power greater than ourselves, we learn how to work with others as a peer with something to offer and something to learn, rather than seeing ourselves as an authority or a victim. We learn to channel our energy in a constructive direction, and we can practice staying focused. We stretch beyond our current abilities and find that we can survive and succeed even if we are not perfect. Service counteracts selfishness and increases our feelings of self-worth. We learn to step back and think before we respond and not everything that affects us is personal, and we don’t have to return fire every time.

The twelve step meetings gives us a safe place to make mistakes, and find out who we are and learn how to relate to people. Also, there are many pathways to recover but for me, I chose Narcotic Anonymous.

Written by Bernice Tayor-Davis

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