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Through me reading and studying I've added a new word to my vocabulary which is feel-full-ness. What I've discovered is that when I secretly feel inadequate or believe that who I am is not enough for the world, I will do more and give more than is required in order to experience fulfillment. Try as I may it never works. I'm learning I must enter every experience in life with a sense of feel-full-ness. The word feel-full-ness means that when I walk into any situation, I know that I have what it takes to make a valuable contribution to the experience. This doesn't mean that I should act like I know everything or project that I can do everything. It means that I am full of self, within self, in a very loving and positive way. Having a sense of feel-full-ness gives me the advantage of knowing that I have nothing to prove. I've also learned that there is nothing that anyone has or can do that I cannot have or do. I'm learning not to be afraid to make a mistake. I'm not shy about telling the truth. I'm learning to establish and maintain clear boundaries and to honor the boundaries others have set for themselves. I'm learning when I'm not full I have no boundaries. I step over other people, and I allow them to step on me. Feel-full-ness is an affirmation that allows me to feel the fullness of divine energy as it moves within me. If at any time I feel besieged with feelings of inadequacy, I should accept one of the many invitations of feel-full-ness. Should I find that for some reason it doesn't seem to be working for me, I don't give up! I can fake it until I make it. I have in the past denied, resisted, or ignored the gnawing feelings of inadequacy that have motivated me to give more and do more than is required in any situation. Today I can feel full of myself and trust that just as I am is more than enough. Today I am devoted to sharing the fullest of who I am with the world!

Written by Donald Moye

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