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Falling In Love With Me

There is a famous quote that states, “If you can’t love yourself, then how in the world are you going to love somebody else?” If everyone would plant this sentiment within their core, I truly believe that it would make for a better and more peaceful world.

Because of one’s past whether it be in their childhood, immediate family or personal relationships, we tend to allow the pain, all of the negative hurt and circumstances take root of our soul and spirit and grow within us. Mostly through our subconscious, we water these negative circumstances and allow seedlings to fall into our future, affecting generations to come.

It’s only when we dig up those roots and learn to plant seeds of understanding and love that we find within ourselves by spending time by ourselves to gain understanding of ourselves that we can begin the process of falling in love with ourselves. When we start to love ourselves, we take care of and nurture ourselves appropriately by our own standards, not the standards of society that we must look or behave in a certain way pleasing to the masses. So my question, is a simple one, how much do you truly love you?

By Trakell

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