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Don't Be Sorry....

The climate of today’s workforce is very different from the pool of employees that once upon a time was. Most people believe that the pandemic ideally known as COVID brought about symptoms such as loss of smell, loss of taste and fever like manifestations, and physically it may have, however, it is my belief that it also brought on a mental “lack of”. Though most assistant programs were created with good intentions, the intentions of those taking advantage of the programs were not so kosher. It instead created a sense of entitlement, greediness and overall complacency, as people felt as though they didn’t have to work for a living anymore. This working force pandemic has caused stores, restaurants and everyday luxuries that we’ve taken for granted to no longer be as easily at our fingertips.

Now, this new working force has the mentality that they really don’t have to work; companies are no longer experiencing just lazy employees that simply procrastinate, now there’s a new who’s mostly identified as being sorry. Not apologetically sorry, but a sorry that goes well beyond and unapologetically shows up to work to do less than nothing. They have no work ethic, they have no get up and go, and refuses any proactive duties that are not specially spelled out in their alleged job description. Most do not even know what their job description is, because they are too sorry to read it in the first place. Simply put, these employees have no couth, no ambition and no sense of teamwork.

The employees that show up before their scheduled time, step in to do things that are needed and are more engaged in working than being on their cell phone, gossiping, or streaming online….these are the endangered species that do not seem to be protected in this wild life of a workforce. Instead, they are given more work, more demands and more expectations. The genuine work ethic of a good employee can not be taught….sometimes you just have it or you don’t .

So what is there to do? Well, in my opinion, the employees that are not pulling their weight should get off the stool and stop defecating on the hard worker and the clients they should be serving. Of course, why would anyone willingly leave a cushioned position in which they are not being held accountable to? They know they are not going to be fired; they may get a tap on the hand or a “stern talking to,” but they know that they are needed, if for nothing more than a body in a position because the pool of employees is so limited.

I wished I had an answer as to what to do, but I cannot offer one with the current state of things. I just hope something is done quickly before the exceptional employees that we now know of are no longer endangered, but instead extinct.


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