Doing Something You Have Never Done

You want something you have never had? Do something you have never done. A better relationship? More Money? A Better job? A New Career? Better Health? Better transportation. Many of these examples, if not all are things I have “Lived Experience” and am able to share about and give suggestions that may assist you with your journey to success in achieving these goals.

Your starting point is knowing what you want. Decide to achieve it by discovering what is necessary to get it, coming up with a plan and getting started. Then, pressing towards that mark. Now that you have started, DON’T QUIT until you have achieved your goal. Sometimes you run into a snag or things do not go as planned. Just like google maps…RE-ROUTE. Like my Granny use to say…There is more than one way to skin a cat. Not sure why, maybe because she was not very fond of cats.

If you want a relationship that is different from one you have ever had. DO something you have never done. First, love yourself. Look for meaningful qualities in a person, such as strong values like integrity, honesty, kindness. Do not be so quick to hit the sack. These things you notice almost immediately after having a lengthy conversation. Look out for the red lights. In this case its ok to run a red light, lol. Set boundaries and enforce them. Do not take the same mess you took from other bad relationships. Love yourself or He /She will not. Demand what you want. Set the precedence. If it is respect when you do not get respect move on, quickly, expeditiously and without hesitation. As a good friend use to say “see Ya, once never knew ya”. Do not waist time on things that do not benefit or will not lead you to your goals. Been there, done that, hated it!

If you want better health (physical or mental) you must change your intake, and your activity. This intake and activity pertain to information, food and activity (physical or social). My Granny use to say, “Garbage in Garbage out”. Granny had a third-grade education, but she was a very wise woman. Eat nutritious foods and do not participate in unhealthy conversations or activities. A donut every now and then is ok but sugary food daily or foods that turn into sugar is not healthy. As well a dusty joke or laugh is not so terrible but utter, consistent vulgarity or filth of any kind is never acceptable or healthy.

If you want better transportation, take care of what you have. Cars require more than just gas. They require maintenance. If you do not take care of what you have, how do expect to be blessed with better. I have had a total of nearly 40 vehicles since I was 19. I have only maintained the last 5 or 6. However, I made bad decisions on the many purchases almost all except the last 3, were lemons as were many others. I wasted a lot of money.

The same things hold true for a house. If you do not take care of a rental or a two-bedroom home, do not expect to become a homeowner or be blessed with a larger rental. Keep it clean, maintain the yard, pay your bills…on time! Work on your credit, yak, yak, yak.

If you are embarking on a new career, do your best in the career you are in. Give it your all and do your very best. While you are in your present career or job, seek and pursue goals that will take you to the next level. That may be training, or more education. It may only take more dedication. What ever it is, DO IT!

Lastly, if you want more money…..STOP SPENDING THE LITTLE BIT OF MONEY YOU HAVE. Bring your lunch to work, eat out occasionally. Shop occasionally, when you do, spend sparingly. You do not need an outfit and a pair of shoes every payday. How many pair of shoes does anyone need anyway? A basic black pair, maybe two some casual and a pair of active wear. Goodwill is not a bad thing. Just thought I would throw that out there. After you pay your bills, practice letting the rest accumulate every pay period. Watch your money grow and see how much better you feel looking at your bank account. Then, after you give your tenth to the one who blessed you with it, bless someone else, just in case that is not something you have been doing.

Written by Yolanda James

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