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It starts in the earliest years even before school that children form bonds with those that have similarities to them within their age groups, mostly through play dates, daycare etc.. These learned behaviors continue in preschool, elementary and so forth. The older we get we realize that the bonds we form are most often referred to those outside of those bonds as “cliques.”

It is unfortunate when these bonds seep into the workforce because by this time it is no longer cute nor innocent. The imps within the cliques have a tendency to destroy morale, esteem and overall any chance at team building. Simply put, if you’re not part of the clique, no matter how proficient you may be at a task, you’ll never be able to meet the standard of the clique.

Yes, we here at The Crane are a very tightly knitted work family that work together to make everything happen and

unfortunately those on the outside may think of us as clique as well. The difference in our bond is quite different however. For instance, we welcome all without discrimination, preconceived notion or judgement. When you walk through our doors, even for the first time, by the time you leave with what you need, you’re part of our family too.

Always know that you can come through our doors whether your first time seeking treatment or after your 12th relapse, we will welcome you unconditionally and without any reservations.

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