Dealing With The Pain

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

Dealing with pain for many of us requires a prescription, or pain-relieving medicines. However, we should try as often as we can to relieve pain without meds. Our society is becoming more and more addicted to prescription drugs, even more than the “street drugs”. Using physical therapy (such as heat or cold packs), massages, meditations, relaxation techniques, hydrotherapy (water exercise classes) and exercise, many times can be a healthy relief for pain. A simple massage with your fingertips to your temple on both sides of your

face can relax and relieve your headache. When you feel a headache, begin to massage your temples and your head in the area of the pain and see if massaging gives you relief before reaching for the Tylenol or other pain meds. Water aerobics and the whirlpool also works for joint areas of pain. There are many other ways to control and relieve pain, no matter where it is located. Here’s what I am suggesting to you, before receiving prescription from your doctor, ask the doctor if there are other ways to treat your pain other than the opioids and other medications.

This is Dathon Brown dealing with pain.

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