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Count Your Blessings

As a young girl growing up in the South, I learned the value of being a part of a family that loved the Lord Jesus Christ. The prayers of thanksgiving were helpful to all who lived in the South and there is a certain comfort that we all had and still to this day that is the foundation of life for many of us. When we are gathered around the table with the people we love, we Pray to God for all the many blessings He has bestowed on us and then we eat and celebrate with others, and we are connected as one big family. Either way, the blessing of the food is part of the ritual of breaking bread together, and it connects us again and again with the faith of our family or whatever it may be, handed down from one generation to the next. Although we Southerners tend to bow our heads, close our eyes, and maybe even join hands, truly, the only requirements for a proper blessing are thankful hearts and a yearning to be found worthy. “We give thanks for for those who are no longer with us and then we give thanks together for our health and strength for the food we’re about to eat and those who prepared it, and for every member of our family and other families.”

Submitted by Bernice Taylor-Davis

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